The Water Cooler is
Remote Now Too

Simple, secure, and enhanced by machine learning.
Built for the next generation of work.

Bring serendipity back to your team.

Blab rooms are always available for more natural, spontaneous conversations.
Rooms are voice only by default for when you aren't quite camera ready.

AI powered auto zoom.

Never worry about your background again.
We use AI to keep the focus on you, not what's going on around you.

Say goodbye to background noise.

Blab uses a neural network to isolate your voice and strip out everything else happening around you.
It runs entirely on your computer for a private and secure experience.

Coming soon.

Encrypted in transit

User data encrypted at rest

Rooms can only be joined by users within your organization

Custom voice/video infrastructure

Streams are optimized for limited bandwidth

Powered by WebRTC and open source software

All AI models run locally with no cloud processing

Voice/video data is never processed by 3rd parties

Completely free for now.

Paid plans launching later this year.
A free tier will be available forever.

Get on the list.

Request access to Blab and we'll get you onboarded for free soon.

Available on MacOS and Windows.

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Questions? Drop us a line at hello (at)